May Social Media Content Inspiration for Your Local Business (FREE BONUS)

May Social Media Content Calendar

Hello, May! We’re so excited for this coming month filled with (hopefully) sunny beach days and lots of blooms. Aside from the sunshine, there’s lots to celebrate this month, from mother’s day to May long weekend, and of course, knowing summer is just around the corner.

Struggling to find things to post about on your business social media accounts is a thing. I know, I’ve been there. This week’s blog post is all about providing you with a little bit of inspiration around what to schedule (yes, you should be scheduling) and publishing this month. Your social content will be informed by your brand strategy and overall goals for your business. Being intentional about what, when, and where you post will make the difference between a deliberate, cohesive account and one that seems more haphazard.


To get your creative ideas flowing, here are some prompts to help get you started:

  1. What upcoming events or promotions are you featuring in your businesses this month?

  2. Are there any local events that are relevant to your audience and make sense for you to post about and/or engage with?

  3. Download your FREE May Content Calendar for inspiration and to browse holidays, both traditional (think Mother’s Day) to the less-conventional ones like World Laughter Day!

  4. Jump on IG stories and let your customers know what’s coming up for summer. Maybe your cafe is transitioning menus or offering summer treats. Video may say it best.

  5. Introduce your team! It’s always a great idea to intro your staff team on social. It provides a personal touch and makes your brand more relatable.

  6. Interview a customer. Ask one of your real-life customers for a few minutes of their time and get to know them a little better. Better yet, feature them and shout them out on social.

  7. Ask your audience a question - this can be done in a post or a poll in IG stories. Engage your audience by soliciting their ideas and feedback.

There’s 7 ideas to get you started with next month’s social media content for your local business. Be sure to download your FREE May Content Calendar for even more inspiration. Happy scheduling!

Bethany Schmidt