Why Your Brand Photography is Important (+Giveaway!)

Let’s be honest. To stand out and define your brand online, you need high-quality visual content.

Every single thing you post as your brand, whether that is a quick IG Story, a Facebook post or a newsletter, they are function as mini ads for your company. They are telling the story of your brand and educating your audience about who you are.

For this reason, I feel VERY strongly that high quality professional photos for your business’ social media channels are essential for elevating your brand and attracting your ideal client. To your audience, especially those who have yet to purchase from you, your product will always be as good as the photos you post. 

Alright, GIVEAWAY time! It’s always important to invest in proven strategies to grow your business. We want to give a lucky local business a boost, so we’re practicing what we preach and giving away a FREE one-hour branded photoshoot! Open to Vancouver Island Residents.

To enter, visit the GIVEAWAY post on Instagram!

Bethany Schmidt